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Corporate Catering, make it delicious!

Are you tired of the same old cold sandwich buffets for your meetings? Do you want to have a fun exciting meal to share that everyone raves about with your favorite clients to seal the deal? What about just some delicious food for your amazing employees to celebrate the latest success , well we have the food for you. We are having so much fun lately catering to the I 90 corporations and have had many call backs for more of our delicious food at Nourish. Just today we did a breakfast for a group and instead of the regular breakfast eggs and potatoes we nourished them with hot fresh homemade cinnamon rolls dripping with cream cheese frosting. A deep dish frittata and also a vegan patty with root roasted vegetables. We had rave reviews and they have now placed an order for lunch next week and a dinner in September for the new client launch for 300. We are loving the reviews from them, but best of all we got a chance to meet with this company and connect into their culture and serve what they want to their employees and guests. We are currently making menu’s for simpler food that is quick to order and have delivered right to your corporate event to make it easy and simple. These menu’s will be a BBQ to die for, baked bean’s , fresh organic greens with cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes, Hot fresh cornbread and both Smoked BBQ Brisket and Ribs or Chicken! We will have Organic Vegetarian options with Fresh Veggies, Artisan Bread and cheeses with a delicious soup and baguette sandwiches’ with roasted vegetables and a delicious pasta salad. Or you can go all out with our Salumi Meat Poor Boy sliced to go with potato salad, fresh health salad, homemade pickles and a cup of delicious soup. These menu’s will be available to send to you just email us at We will get them to you quickly!  One last thing, dessert we bake all of our desserts cookie, brownies, apple cake and many more in house and they are so amazing. Email us today let’s cater your next corporate event , we want to Nourish your team.

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