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Dazed & Confused About What Food to Have at Your Event?

Planning an event around a budget and people’s taste in food is not easy. We have many guests at Nourish who are downright perplexed on what to serve how much to serve, will this be what we want? Who will eat what and what if we don’t have enough food! All of these things our guests come to us on our first consultation and these are some of their main concerns. What we do on our first consultation is get to know what you love to eat …what do you crave? What is your favorite restaurant is it the Thai place down the street or do you have a penchant for a steak house with all the trimmings. We just did an amazing wedding this month for a couple who wanted Dry Aged Rib Eye steaks for 300 people . That can be pricey and they had a budget. So we figured out a way to grill some amazing cuts of meat and our Chef’s created a Chimichurri sauce to go over the beef and it was so delicious.

Where there is a will there is a way! Their guests were so happy and it was just incredible. It was so nice to sit with them and create their menu, they still had a beef entree and also chicken skewers and a vegetarian option as well to please everyone all within their budget. Let’s walk through how we do it.

So first you select a main course out of our many options of Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Fish cooked and served all different ways the options are literally endless. Our next step is we create options for you if you want Vegan or maybe just a heavy appetizer menu all within your budget. The next part is the add on’s like your favorite pasta and Salads or anything you wish to serve to your guests! Let’s take salad for starter’s and there’s so many ways to do it, pictured here we have our green salad with spiced pecans and dried cherries with an amazing homemade dressing spiced to perfection with olive oil, lemon and champagne vinegar. Or the robust pasta, kalamata olive, roasted pepper, feta salad. It is so tasty and guests love it practically a meal in itself. Also we have pictured the amazing Heirloom tomato, Mozzarella micro basil caprese salad that is a showstopper…right! Love this and everyone always raves at the marinated cheese dripping with flavor. We can also add fresh veggies to this feast and top it off with Artisan bread baskets with whipped butter and olive oil to dip. The guests loved this and the Bride and Groom were so pleased to share a meal with all of their family and friends. We loved this opportunity to make it what this couple wanted…their very important day the: first day of their lives together. Memories that will last a lifetime!


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