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Summer Grilling: Keeping it Simple with Veggies

Ahhhhh the smells and sounds of summer, we are right in the beginning of this amazing time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Lot’s of fresh Copper River Salmon, BBQ pork and chicken. Crisp organic vegetables from our garden’s ready to grill and devour ! Grilling can be so much fun , everyone is outdoors on the patio enjoying the sun and fresh air of our beautiful summer. You can have a really tasty meal by grilling the main course and all of your vegetables.

Let’s talk veggies. The trick to making veggies delicious on the grill is using aromatic herbs and spices to lift the flavor and create some different flavor profiles for your fresh veggies that everyone will love. For instance asparagus has a lot of natural flavor so all you have to do is baste with some olive oil and use some salt and pepper load them on a skewer and grill away to get amazing flavor. If you are grilling yellow squash that has less natural flavor you can sprinkle on some za’atar or some fresh garlic mixed with red pepper and baste with a little olive oil.
Think about what the veggie tastes like and make a aromatic herb for each to create some unique flavors to your BBQ. Here are some quick steps to grilling some awesome vegetables.

  • Step (1) Blanch all the vegetables first in hot water , this will par cook them and also brighten up the color and make them very edible , then lightly baste with extra virgin olive oil
  • Step (2) Place all the veggies on wood skewers so they are easy to place on the grill
  • Step (3) Match your veggie natural tastes with aromatic herbs such as Erfa Bieber, Za’atar, Garlic, Aleppo Pepper, Red flake pepper. For flavorful veggies like green and red peppers and Brussel sprouts just use salt and black pepper they don’t’ need anything else to bring out their fantastic natural flavors.
  • Step (3) place them on the grill before you cook anything else, they will not take on the taste of any other protein you are cooking and will cook very even
  • Step (4) do not cook them for very long get a mark from the grill and you are done, 2-3 minutes is all you need to get some awesome flavor going on in your veggies, you still want them to crunch a bit
  • Step (5) make a large plate and drizzle some balsamic vinegar on afterward just before serving

Do not worry about what veggies to grill all veggies taste great grilled, onions ( Walla Walla sweets are amazing) squash, zucchini, red, yellow, green peppers, asparagus, wweet potatoes, rggplant! The opportunities are endless and your guests will rave. Definitely not your aunt’s jello salad! Enjoy your summer and veggie on!

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